Visionox demonstrates its latest PMOLED and AMOLED displays at SID 2018

China-based OLED producer Visionox had a very impressive booth at SID 2018, demonstrating the company's latest AMOLED and PMOLED displays and prototypes.

Visionox is now producing AMOLED displays for smartphones and wearables and the company showcased a wide range of AMOLED panels and also commercial phones that use these panels. Visionox also demonstrated many new display prototypes.

Visionox AMOLED smartphones at SID 2018

Visionox has just announced a few days ago that it is starting to produce flexible OLEDs at its new 6-Gen fab in Hebei, and at SID the company had several impressive flexible OLED demonstrations - I especially liked the e-book styled display, this was a beautiful showcase of flexible AMOLED technology. The e-book demo has 2 panels, each one a 5.99" 1080x2160 (403 PPI) flexible OLED with a touch panel. The whole panel is 0.4 mm thick.

Visionox flexible e-book display prototypes (SID 2018)

Visionox showcased the same 5.99" flexible OLEDs in two other configurations - a smart jewelry box and a smart speaker. In addition Visionox had a smaller flexible OLED - a 3.35" 320x960 (316 PPI) panel that was a bit thicker (0.6 mm).

Visionox flexible smart-cup AMOLED prototype (SID 2018)

Visionox also had some of its PMOLED displays on display, and also some commercial smartwatches and smart bracelets that adopt the company's PMOLEDs. Visionox also demonstrated what it claims to be the world's thinnest PMOLED display at 0.4 mm.

As we reported already, Visionox also demonstrated its first transparent OLED (which we believe to be a PMOLED) and a blue TASF, or thermally activated sensitized fluorescence, display. Visionox also had its first Micro-LED prototype on display.

Visionox - world's thinnest PMOLED display (SID 2018)

Posted: Jun 03,2018 by Ron Mertens