Visionox unveils a blue TASF OLED prototype display

Thermal activation sensitized fluorescence, or TASF, is a new type of TADF OLED emitter material developed at China's Tsinghua University. During SID Displayweek, Visionox demonstrated the first TASF prototype display.

We do not have a lot of information on this new emitter technology, except what Visionox provided at the conference: a sky-blue color (468 nm, CIE: 0.153, 0.201), a luminous efficiency of 26.6 cd/A and an external quantum efficiency of over 17%. The brightness of this OLED PMOLED display was 800 nits.

Visionox TASF demo at SID Displayweek 2018

TADF is certainly a hot topic these days, as many believe that it is the most promising technology towards high-efficiency blue OLED emitters, and it was interesting to see this new TADF variant called TASF. Here is the original 2015 TASF patent application in China.

Visionox TASF specification at SID Displayweek 2018

Posted: May 31,2018 by Ron Mertens