UDC: green PHOLED adoption still ahead, confirms that Samsung is DuPont's Nozzle-printing licensee

Universal Display's management presented in an investor conference (Deutsche Bank's Clean Tech, Utilities and Power Conference). They gave an interesting introduction to the company and its business. In the Q&A, Sid Rosenblatt, the company's CFO says that currently their green PHOLED emitter is used in only two products: the Motorola Droid RAZR and the Sony Vita. This is set to change and they expect more products in the second half of 2012.

This explains why UDC's first quarter revenues were lower than expected - while red emitters sales were up 150% over last year, the green emitter sales have dropped, due to low Vita sales and high volume purchases in the previous quarter.

In another interesting comment, Sid says that Samsung is DuPont "leading asian AMOLED maker" licensee for their nozzle printing technology. This was speculated before, but hasn't been confirmed. Samsung paid DuPont $20 million last year for the license.

When discussing the Japanese market. Sid says that the company signed four new license agreement with Japanese companies in the past year. We know of Lumiotec, Pioneer and PIOL - but that's it. So perhaps there's a new contract that hasn't been announced yet in the works, or perhaps Sid got it wrong this time...

Finally, regarding UDC's patents, here's another interesting comment: "So we intend to make sure that our patents are enforced. They has been at least one company that made materials that we had a conversation with and they longer make them.".

source: Seeking Alpha

Disclaimer: the author of this post holds shares in UDC

Posted: May 15,2012 by Ron Mertens