Towards SID 2013: AUO developed a 65" direct-emission OLED panel, more updates

SID 2013, the world's most prominent display conference will take place next month (May 19, in Vancouver, Canada) - and they now published some technical papars that will be discussed during the conference. And there's some interesting stuff in there.

First up is AU Optronics paper, describing how the company developed the world's largest OLED panel: a 65" direct-emission Oxide TFT one. This panel, that was produced using an FMM process, features a long-range threshold voltage uniformity of 0.34 V, and the dam and fill encapsulation process is simple and highly stable.

AUO is still struggling with small OLED panel production, but it seems to be advancing nicely on its large-panel production technology. The company produced the 56" substrates for the Sony and Panasonic 56" 4K2K OLED prototypes unveiled at CES 2013.

There are many interesting papers to look for during SID from Samsung, LGD, Fraunhofer, Toshiba, Plextronics, DuPont, SEL and others describing recent advances in OLED technology. Two noteworthy papers will be The University of Florida's update on recent developments of their CN-VOLET (Carbon Nanotube Vertical OLET) technology, and BOE's paper on their 17" ink-jet printing OLED panel.

Posted: Apr 11,2013 by Ron Mertens