AUO developed a Full-HD 5" AMOLED display with 443 ppi

AUO developed a new AMOLED panel that features the world's highest resolution at 443 ppi. The panel is Full-HD and 5" in size (or actually 4.97" if it's 443 ppi). AUO will show prototype panels at China's Display Expo in Shenzhen starting tomorrow. AUO didn't reveal any technical details besides saying that this panel was made using a fine shadow mask process.

AUO previous OLED panel was the 4.65" 1280x720 (317 ppi) shown at October 2012. AUO keeps upgrading their AMOLED densities. But of course what we really want is for AUO to actually start producing AMOLED panels. Some reports suggest that AUO's yields are still very low (around 40%) and the company won't stat mass production until 2014.

Posted: Apr 09,2013 by Ron Mertens