TCL CSoT is deploying new OLED technologies at its production lines, including LTPO, micro lens and polarizer-free OLEDs

TCL (CSoT) announced that the company has finalized the development of several new OLED technologies, which has been deployed at the company's production lines.

TCL/CSoT 8'' PLP-LTPO foldable AMOLED prototypes (SID Displayweek 2022)

The first technology is LTPO, or Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide, an OLED backplane technology developed originally by Apple. LTPO enables variable refresh rates, and TCL's technology can support a wide range of frequencies, from 1Hz to 144Hz.


The second technology is MPL, or Micro-Lens Panel. Using photolithography , TCL adds a micro lens array on top of the OLED panel, to increase light output. TCL says that its MPL panels offer an increase in power consumption (by increasing brightness) by 10-15%. Combined with LTPO, the technology can achieve power consumption improvement of about 30%.

The third technology is polarizer-free OLED (or PLP, Polarizer-Less Panel). TCL syas that its PLP panels reduce the thickness of the OLED panel by 20%, and improve light output by around 30%.

The fourth technology is low-frequency LTPS (called LTPS Plus). By changing the backplane design and optimizing the driving and the production process, TCL can now produce LTPS AMOLED displays with a 30Hz refresh rate, which will enable low power consumption, low-cost, low flicker and low-frequency displays.

TCL can now produce this range of new OLED displays at its T4 production line in Wuhan, with a monthly capacity of 6-Gen 15,000 substrates.

TCL is also moving forward with its inkjet printing process, and the company recently demonstrated a 65" 8K OLED panel, produced using an inkjet printing process. This display was co-developed by TCL's CSoT and JOLED.

TCL-CSoT 65'' 8K inkjet printed OLED prototype photo

Last year it was reported that TCL's CSoT is building a $6.8 billion 8.5-Gen inkjet printing line in Guangzhou (the T8 line), with production expected to begin in 2023.

Posted: Jun 24,2022 by Ron Mertens