TCL gets ready to produce polarizer-free LTPO AMOLED panels

According to reports from China, TCL's CSoT has finished developing its polarizer-free OLED technology (PLP) as it gets ready to adapt its T4 production line in Wuhan to produce PLP LTPO AMOLED displays.

TCL/CSoT 8'' PLP-LTPO foldable AMOLED prototypes (SID Displayweek 2022)

At DisplayWeek 2022, TCL demonstrated 8" 360-degree foldable PLP-LTPO OLEDs prototypes. PLP technology is especially useful in foldable displays thanks to their thin form factor. The company says that it will soon have a capacity of 15,000 monthly 6-Gen PLP-LTPO substrates at the T4 line.

TCL is joining other companies, such as Samsung, BOE and Tianma, that also developed similar technologies. The basic idea is to replace the thick polarizer layer with color filters and a black matrix - each sub-pixel in the display (red, green or blue) is separated from each other and so do not interfere one with the other. Samsung officially launched its Eco²OLED polarizer-free OLEDs. BOE is developing its own technology which it refers to as COE (Color filter On Encapsulation) while Tianma's technology is called CFOT.

TCL says that the new PLP panels are thinner by around 20% compared to regular AMOLED displays, and are about 30% more efficient (which is the result of the LTPO technologies combined with PLP).

Posted: May 23,2022 by Ron Mertens