Samsung officially announces the 55" Super-OLED TV

This wasn't a big surprise, but Samsung officially announced their 55" Super-OLED TV. Samsung explains that the 'Super OLED' technology is what we call 'True-OLED' - or RGB OLED subpixels as opposed to LG's white OLED with color-filters design (WOLED-CF), and LED TVs. The TV also supports active-shutter 3D and Samsung's Smart TV and Smart-Interaction technologies. It includes a camera can can be controlled via a remote control, voice control, motion control and face recognition.

While Samsung promises that the Super-OLED TV will be available by Q2 or Q3 2012, they didn't release any pricing information or even a product model. We'll have to wait for these... Here's a video from Samsung's press conference when they announced this cool TV:

Posted: Jan 10,2012 by Ron Mertens