"Super OLED TVs" coming soon from Samsung?

Update: Samsung's 55" Super OLED TV is now official!

CES 2012 will start on Monday, but some companies have already put up some banners announcing new products. Check out this interesting one from Samsung - promising a Super OLED TV:

It was already reported that Samsung plans to show 55" OLED TV panels at CES, so this isn't a surprise. It's interesting to hear of Samsung's new OLED TV branding - Super OLED, an Ultimate TV. I guess Samsung will focus on the fact that they are using 'True OLED' RGB subpixels, as opposed to LG Display's white subpixels with color filters architecture (WOLED-CF). Samsung's design theoretically means better quality image and a more efficient display, while LGD's design should enable them to manufacture the TVs on the cheap.

In any case, we'll know in two more days...

Posted: Jan 07,2012 by Ron Mertens


... the LG displays probably won't suffer from uneven wear. i don't really see myself paying big money for a "superior" display that i would then have to recalibrate every couple of hundred hours.

... maybe it can calibrate itself automatically without you even knowing it

they'd have to record for every diode how much it was used and adjust its output accordingly.

considering how you still have to calibrate for quite a while using colorimeters for hundreds of dollar these days, i very much doubt that all of a sudden, they'd be able to do that.

but yeah i sure hope they have some trick up their sleeve to combat that problem. otherwise, they'll have to deal with lots of angry customers.