LG releases new photos, details on their upcoming 55" OLED TV

One week after LG Display officially announced their upcoming 55" OLED TV panel, LG Electronics now released their own PR with new details and photos - and some interesting marketing messages. They also revealed the model number: 55EM9600. LGE says that the new panel uses their 4-Color Pixel and Color Refiner features. The four colors (RGBW) are made from white OLED subpixels with color filters (Kodak's technology). The "Color Refiner" is a set of algorithms which improves and refine hues and tones.

LG says that their OLED TV will generate the most natural colors of any TV set - at a much lower price point than could have been achieved using the standard OLED manufacturing process.

LG gives some more details about the TV itself - it will weigh only 7.5kg, and be just 4 mm thin (which is a bit confusing - as LG Display said the panel is 5 mm thin. So which one is it?). We still do not know the release date or price of the 55EM9600 (although DisplaySearch estimates that it will cost $8,000 and be released in 3Q 2012).

Posted: Jan 02,2012 by Ron Mertens