Samsung: no plans to release an OLED TV soon, but we are researching hybrid QD-OLEDs

In February it was reported that Samsung is developing a hybrid Quantum-Dots OLED technology for its future TVs. This report was soon denied by Samsung's Visual Display Business VP, Han Jong-hee, who said that Samsung is sticking to its two-track strategy for premium TVs, namely QD-LCDs and Micro-LEDs.

Samsung OLED TV (2013)

Today Samsung's Han Jong-hee again says that Samsung has no plans to produce an OLED TV any time soon - but he does confirm that the company is researching a way to combine QDs with OLEDs. According to our information, Samsung's main R&D initiative use blue OLED emitters and blue light to white light conversion using quantum-dots, combined with color filters (QDCFs) to add red and green colors.

Han Jong-hee further says that Samsung is on track to launch its first Micro-LED TV in June 2018 - when prices will be disclosed. It is expected that it's first 146" Micro-LED display will cost over $100,000. Han Jong-hee also disclosed that Samsung is looking int enhancing Micro-LED arrays with quantum dot coating - again to convert blue LEDs to white light emission and enable easier MicroLED display production.

Posted: Apr 18,2018 by Ron Mertens