In the past few weeks we heard reports that Samsung Display decided to re-enter the OLED TV market - and some reports even suggested that Samsung aims to use LG's WRGB architecture. During the company's quarterly conference call, a Samsung Display official said that there are no plans to re-enter the OLED TV market in the near future as "OLED TVs are not in sight for the time being".

Samsung released their first OLED TV, the KN55S9C, back in June 2013. The TV was available worldwide for a short time for around $10,000, and then dropped to around $6,000 (and even lower) - but Samsung soon stopped production and never released another TV. Samsung officials repeatedly said that Samsung will not resume OLED TV production until 2016 or 2017.



OLED monitor market would be enough

It’s ok not to re-enter the OLED TV market.

It would be enough to enter the (nonexistent yet) OLED monitor market.

So we would have OLED TVs by LG and OLED monitors by Samsung. Division of labour itself. :-)


I keep wondering how many thousands of years before there is a 21:9, 1440p, 144hz, gsync 35" OLED monitor.

Exact size and resolution do not matter much initially

I would prefer a 24-inch 4K one (4K is beautiful). But actually, once any OLED monitor hit the market, there would soon almost certainly be a variety of such monitors as for resolutions and sizes.

Probably a good start point would be to release a 20-inch Full-HD OLED monitor.