Samsung's 55" curved OLED TV is selling for $2,800 on

In June 2013, Samsung launched their 55" curved FHD OLED TV, the S9C. This OLED TV used to cost $13,000, but prices quickly dropped to around $6,000 - and then Samsung stopped producing the TV (they are reportedly getting ready to release UHD OLEDs soon).

Today I found out that Kamdem is selling the S9C on for only $2,800. Yes, this is the lowest priced 55" OLED TV ever (LG's own curved 55" FHD OLED costs $4,300 at the moment on Amazon, after being sold at $3,999 a few weeks ago).

So this is likely just a distributor trying to sell some stock at a low price, and I'm not sure how many of those TVs they have to sell. But it's a great chance to own an OLED TV on the cheap (relatively, anyway). Hopefully this means that Samsung is getting ready to release updated, 4K OLEDs soon.

Posted: Jul 09,2014 by Ron Mertens