Samsung S9C (KN55S9C)

Samsung's S9C (KN55S9C) was a Full-HD 55" curved OLED TV that offered the "perfect picture quality" (according to Samsung) as the distance from the viewer to the TV screen is the same from almost any angle. It sports a "timeless arena" design (the display is placed within a luxurious frame whose curved shape mirrors the curvature of an arena).

The S9C supports Multi-view (where two users can watch two different 2D programs using active-shutter 3D glasses) and it's also compatible with the company's Evolution Kit, ensuring that the TV is future-proofed. The TV weighs 27Kg and is 5.3 inches deep. You cannot mount it on a wall due to the curve.

Samsung's KN55S9 curved OLED TV price in the US was $8,999. In the UK (where the model number was KE55S9C) the price was £6,799 (almost $11,000) and in South Korea it was 9.9 million Won (about $8,900).

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55" FHD curved OLED screen

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Posted:   Jun 27,2013 by Ron Mertens