When LG launched their OLED TV in August 2013, the price was set at $14,999. The price was repeatedly slashed, and only last month we spotted it on Amazon.com for $4,726. Today Amazon lists LG's OLED TV for only $3,999! That's quite a fast price drop, in less than a year!

LG also lowered the price of their flat 55" FHD TV, the 55EA8800 (GALLERY OLED) - to $4,499. Again I'm going to speculate that LG are trying to sell all those FHD panels, and start shipping those 4K OLEDs they already launched in Korea.

It's great to see those lower prices from LG. It is expected that once the company's M2 production line goes into operation later in 2014, prices will drop even further as capacity will increase dramatically.

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