Rumors say Huawei is readying a tri-folding OLED smartphone, and Samsung may respond with its first rollable phone

Interesting rumors from China suggest that Huawei is planning to release the industry's first smartphone that sports a tri-foldable OLED. When fully open, the device will sport a 10" display, which means it will double as a full tablet and a smartphone. Huawei's plan is to release it in the first half of 2024.

Samsung Display S-Foldalbe AMOLED smartphone prototype (SID DIsplayweek 2021)

Samsung tri-folding AMOLED prototype

The rumors continue to suggest that Samsung Electronics noticed Huawei's plan, and the Korean smartphone maker may decide to be the first on the market with a novel device, launching its own tri-folding phone - or perhaps even the first rollable phone


A tri-folding device increases the screen size even further compared to a regular foldable phone, but it will also be thicker, and likely much less durable as it has two hinges. History has shown that first generation novel devices usually has major limitations, but these can be quickly fixed in future generations. 

Samsung Display rollable AMOLED smartphone prototype (SID DIsplayweek 2021)

Samsung prototype rollable phone

Xiaomi has demonstrated a tri-foldable phone prototype in 2019, but the company did not release such a device commercially. yet. Japan's Semiconductor Labs demonstrated touch-enabled tri-folded OLED prototypes as back as in 2014 . The technology was way too early for commercialization back then. 

Posted: Feb 15,2024 by Ron Mertens