Samsung Display shows new rollable and foldable OLED technologies at SID DIsplayweek 2021

Samsung Display is unveiling new OLED technologies today at SID Displayweek 2021. The video below shows all the new displays:

First up we have a tri-foldable AMOLED display shown with a smartphone prototype. The display can be folded twice inside and outside, and when fully open the display is 7.2-inch in size.

Samsung Display S-Foldalbe AMOLED smartphone prototype (SID DIsplayweek 2021)

The prototype device can be fully closed, open half-way to act as a normal smartphone or open fully to act as a tablet.

Samsung Display rollable AMOLED smartphone prototype (SID DIsplayweek 2021)

Earlier this year SDC confirmed it is developing rollable OLEDs with plans to produce the first displays by the end of 2021. The company now showed a first prototype device, the rollable OLED smartphone you see above, which opens up horizontally. The company did not detail the screen size or resolution.

Samsung Display 17'' foldable OLED prototype (SID DIsplayweek 2021)

Next up Samsung shows a 17-inch 4:3 foldable AMOLED for laptops. Again Samsung did not reveal any more information on this display which is apparently ready for production.

Samsung Display OLED laptop display prototype with UPC (SID Displayweek 2021)

Finally, Samsung is showing its laptop OLEDs with under-the-display camera (UPC). This display was already announced in early 2021, branded as "Samsung Blade Bezel".

Posted: May 17,2021 by Ron Mertens