DSCC sees the foldable OLED display market growing to 94 million units by 2025

DSCC estimates that foldable OLED panel shipments will reach 3.1 million units in 2020, an increase of 454% from 2019. Revenues in 2020 will reach $462 million. DSCC decreased its estimates following the US restrictions on Huawei which prevented the launch of the Mate X2. The market will grow to 94 million panels by 2025 (a CAGR of 97% from 2018).

Foldable OLED panel shipments by application (DSCC, 2018-2025)

Samsung is clearly the leading foldable OLED device brand, with a market share of over 80% in the 2020. The two best selling smartphones in 2020 are the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Z Fold 2.

DSCC says that Samsung Electronics is putting more emphasis on foldable devices, on the expense of its Note series - in fact the Galaxy Z Series will become Samsung's 2nd flagship series (second to the Galaxy S). Samsung will release at least 3 foldable phones next year.

Posted: Dec 16,2020 by Ron Mertens


Is Samsung's market share 8%?

Oops, that was a typo - should be 80%. Thank you for noticing, we updated the post.