Reports from Korea suggest LGD and SDC to invest 25 million Euro in Cynora

A report from the Korea Herald suggests that Samsung Display decided to invest €10 million in TADF developer Cynora, which follows LG Display's €15 million investment in the company. Both companies aim to secure access to next-generation emitter technology.

Cynora Blue TADF OLED material photo

The Korean report actually states €100 million from SDC and €150 million from LGD - but this is surely a mistake as it's highly unlikely that Cynora could be raising such a huge sum of money at this stage. An earlier report from ETNews claimed LGD's investment totaled $9 million.

Cynora, based in Germany, is developing OLED emitters, and has updated on its latest performance numbers a couple of weeks ago. Cynora says that it is very confident that it can commercialize its first highly efficient blue emitter by the end of this year, as planned. The company will then follow-up on its blue emitter by developing red and green ones.

Cynora declined to comment on this story. It's highly likely that we will the know the true numbers soon when/if Cynora discloses its latest financing round.

Posted: Aug 14,2017 by Ron Mertens