Report: Apple to release its first AR headset next year, based on 4K Sony OLED microdisplays

Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo says that Apple plans to launch its first AR headset in Q4 2022, powered by dual 4K OLED microdisplays, produced by Sony. The headset will feature Mac-level computer power and will not require a tethered smartphone to operate.

Sony ECX339A OLED Microdisplay photo

Apple has been working on AR technologies for many years. Last year it was indeed reported in Japan that Apple is working with Sony on its microdisplays. Earlier this year it was reported that Apple has teamed up with TSMC for microdisplay production - but it could be that TSMC will be the manufacturing partner, while Sony will provide the OLED technology and knowhow.

Apple could be working with several potential OLED microdisplay makers, as it could be hedging its bets. It was suggested before that eMagin is also working with Apple, and the company has indeed developed a 4K microdisplay.

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Disclosure: the author of this post holds some shares in eMagin

Posted: Nov 26,2021 by Ron Mertens