Nikkei Asia: Apple teamed up with TSMC to co-develop OLED microdisplays

According to reports in Japan (by Nikkei Asia), Apple has teamed up with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) to develop OLED microdisplay technologies for Apple's upcoming AR products.

TSMC production facility photo

The reports says that TSMC is also doing trial production of microdisplays, but it will take several years before mass production is achieved. Apple's OLED microdisplay research is performed at its Taoyuan labs, where the company is also developing microLED technologies. It is reported that Apple is publicly looking for employees with OLED expertise in Taiwan.

This is an interesting report. Apple is also reportedly looking into adopting Sony's OLED microdisplays in its future AR products. It is likely that Apple is indeed running several such projects at the same time - as it may be several years before it actually starts to produce AR headsets.

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Posted: Feb 11,2021 by Ron Mertens