OTS corporate presentation video shows the PCA-48 4.5-Gen ink-jet processing line

OLED Technologies & Solutions (OTS) released a new corporate presentation video which introduces the company and their new inkjet-printing based OLED processing line, the PCA-48:

The PCA-48 line is a 4.5-Gen (730x920 mm) line that incorporates TFE, Ink-Jet Printing, and high vacuum transportation technologies. OTS uses Merck polymer and Small-Molecule materials and their production line supports all substrates (including a-Si using Ignis' technology). OTS that they can deliver and install a complete production line within 12 months, and a single line will be able to produce 40 million smartphone displays in a year. This is the line that AIV-BEX wants to use in their proposed AMOLED production fab.

The video includes some inaccuracies though. They claim that OLEDs cost less to produce compared to LCD, which is not true today (perhaps it will be true with Ink-Jet printing), and that Apple is moving towards OLEDs in collaboration with Sharp (which isn't true as far as we know). They also say that the OLED market today is estimated at $5 billion, but actually recent estimates say that the market will reach over $11 billion in 2013...

Posted: May 27,2013 by Ron Mertens


They may also not addresss whether Merck's small-molecule materials violate UDC's intellectual property rights(patents) in Europe or other locations.