OLED Technologies & Solutions BV (formerly OLED Technologies BV, OTBv and before that OTB Display) was involved with OLED display automated equipment design and manufacturing. The company offered a total solution for OLED display manufacturing: in-line OLED printed display manufacturing systems, backplane and display product development, OLED device, stack, and ink development, process development expertise and display characterization and improvement.

OTS filed for bankruptcy in June 2015. OTS BV finished development of a fully automated printed OLED processing line, the PCAP-20, and the company was busy developing the next-gen tool, the PCAP-48, a Gen-4.5 OLED processing line, designed to produce high quality large screen HDTV displays with industry record yields and lowest cost per display.

Company Address: 
Jan Campertstraat 7-A
6416 SG Heerlen
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