Orbotech sees OLED increasing its penetration across the display industry

During the company's financial conference call, Orbotech said that it has received new optical system bookings for two OLED fabs in two different countries - and it recently delivered a system to a third fab in a third country. The company says that this is a "clear evidence that OLED is increasing its penetration across the industry".

It's interested to hear Orbotech talk about three countries. It's highly likely that the first two countries are Korea and China, but the third country could either be Japan (for JOLED or JDI or perhaps Sharp/Foxconn) or it could be Taiwan (AU Optronics, most likely).

Only a few days ago Coherent's CEO said that he sees a large buildup of OLED capacity, and that he is "very excited about the OLED ramp".

Posted: May 05,2016 by Ron Mertens