Report from Japan say that Sharp developed a new 3.4" bendable OLED prototype. The AMOLED display features a resolution of 540x960 (326 PPI), it has an aperture ratio of 57% and a thickness of 70um. The bending radius is 10mm, and the whole panel weighs 2 grams. The backplane is IGZO.

Sharp 3.4'' flexible IGZO OLED prototype (Apr 2016)

While this is reported as news, this panel seems to be quite similar to OLEDs Sharp unveiled at SID 2012 (yes, almost four years ago!). According to the reports, Sharp says that the display has a long lifetime and is "color shift free", as a result of newly developed tandem structure.

Sharp agreed to sell a two-thirds stake to Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision) for $3.5 billion, and reports suggest that the plan is to invest $1.8 billion in OLED technology - as FoxConn aims to become Apple's 2nd OLED supplier. So perhaps this rushed new flexible OLED "introduction" is more of a marketing issue than real progress from Sharp. Or it may represent real progress, we do not know.



Fold lines ?

The question isn't whether or not concerns can make foldable OLED display screens...

It's can they do the production well, season after season. And be profitable.The last I heard Fold lines on similar items continues to dog flexi OLED fabricators.The resolution to this flaw... it's an ongoing tech evolution challenge, like better light extraction percentages or blue emitter lifespans.

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