Preserving High Stability and Reproducibility of OLED Processes with Mg Sensitive OLED and High Precision Sensor Crystals

The OLED market is always innovating the technology industry, and the Thin Film group at INFICON is here to help OLED manufacturers grow that innovation. INFICON has developed Magnesium Sensitive OLED and High Precision Sensor Crystals, specifically for the OLED market to preserve the high stability and reproducibility of OLED processes.

The Mg Crystal Advantage

Magnesium Sensitive Crystals fill a significant gap in the manufacturing of OLED displays. Up until now, there was no solution for the difficulties of realizing fast magnesium (Mg) detection. Manufactures had to work around this delay by precoating crystals, an added step that not only adds a substantial amount of time to the process, but also wastes material, which in turn, costs more money and is not sustainable. The revolutionary development of Mg Sensitive OLED Crystals removes these unnecessary, wasteful precoating steps. The difference between current crystal products (green data) and the INFICON Mg Sensitive OLED Crystals (purple data) is substantial is shown below:



As seen by the graph above, the green line depicts the readings from standard, non-optimized crystals. The true thickness accumulation is depicted by the purple line and detected by the revolutionary Mg Sensitive crystals. The discrepancy shows that the thickness not detected by the green-line crystals will cause the actual thickness on the glass to be much thicker than reported.

The detection of Mg on the Mg Sensitive OLED Crystals is almost instantaneous, opposed to the current crystal product; it is a representation of the true Mg thickness on the substrate. 

With the process advancements used to manufacture the Mg Sensitive crystals, INFICON made sure to retain the unprecedented stability in activity that was introduced with the High Precision Sensor Crystals released in 2020.

Even though the High Precision Crystals are not made specifically for Mg deposits, the activity for both the Mg Sensitive OLED Crystals (red data in the graph above) and the High Precision Sensor Crystals (blue data) is stable throughout a deposit. Both crystals are incredibly reliable and show no activity drops during the duration of the deposition. The High Precision Sensor Crystals are optimized specifically for organic materials, and these can benefit manufacturers in a way similar to the Mg Sensitive OLED Crystals during the metallization or organic layers of the process. Both crystal variations show better activity stability, rate stability, and activity behavior. These factors can help manufactures decrease their energy and Mg usage as the Mg Sensitive OLED Crystals begin responding to the true deposition rate much faster than other crystals and also help decrease operation cost.

Sustainability Considerations

The benefits to the environment and a manufacturer’s sustainability efforts are also an important factor when choosing Mg Sensitive OLED crystals. Developing Mg is done by mining and refining magnesite, which releases greenhouse gases and is environmentally harmful. Since Mg Sensitive OLED Crystals deposit faster and more accurately, manufacturers’ need and consumption of Mg can be reduced. As a result, the demand of Mg from the OLED market would go down, reducing the environmental impact from the mining and refining processes. Environmental sustainability is critically important in today’s world and even something as small as a Quartz Crystal Microbalance can make an impact.

Mg Sensitive OLED Crystals provide unmatched process and accuracy of the display. Greatly reducing the time to deposit Mg and increasing the accuracy of a film, this innovation in crystal technology is a more sustainable and accurate tool for the OLED market. 

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INFICON Mg Sensitive OLED Crystals are produced at INFICON EDC in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. INFICON EDC thoroughly checks and tests all crystals that are manufactured, ensuring that all crystals shipped are of the highest quality. Contact INFICON for more information on the benefits of using Mg Sensitive OLED Crystals in OLED processes.

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Posted: Aug 07,2023 by Ron Mertens