LG Display said to be progressing with its 8.6-Gen IT AMOLED line plans, to announce its plans in H2 2024

According to recent rumors, LG Display has decided to go ahead and build its 8.6-Gen (2250 x 2600 mm) IT AMOLED line, in Paju, Korea (at its P10 hub, which was originally planned for OLED TV production). The company recently started to conduct discussions with equipment makers for supply agreements.

LGD P10 OLED fab, Paju Korea (March 2019)

LG Display's plan is to officially announce its 8.6-Gen production line plans in the second half of the year, and start ordering equipment. It is likely that the capacity of the fab will be between 7,500 to 15,000 monthly substrates. LG will be using its P10 building and existing equipment (backplane deposition) to reduce the costs of the 8.6-Gen line. This will mean that there will be delays to LG's WOLED TV panel capacity expansion plans. 


The OLED IT display market is heating up, as Apple gets ready to introduce its first OLED iPad later this year, and many laptop and monitor makers increase their adoption of AMOLED displays. It is expected that demand for IT AMOLED displays will increase dramatically in the future. Samsung started building its own 8.6-Gen IT AMOLED line in March 2023, converting an existing LCD line in Asan to OLED production, with an estimated cost of $3.1 billion. In November 2023, BOE officially announced its plans for a 8.6-Gen flexible AMOLED fab, with a $8.7 billion investment.

Posted: Feb 14,2024 by Ron Mertens