Yeolight starts installing production equipment at its $300 million 4.5-Gen OLED lighting fab

In May 2022 we reported that China-based OLED lighting developer Yeolight Technology is starting to build a 4.5-Gen OLED lighting production line, in Huaibei City, Anhui Province, China. The company is now starting to move in and install the first production equipment. The total equipment cost is estimated at 800 million Yuan (about $111 million USD). 

Yeolight 4.5-Gen OLED lighting fab, Anhui (Render)

Yeolight says that the new fab, when complete, will have a capacity of around 7 million panels in a year, or 1.2 million automotive lighting modules (probably referring to rear light modules). This will be the world's largest OLED lighting fab, when complete.


The main exception is Konica Minolta's $100 million R2R fab that was setup in 2014 but only began mass production in 2020. LG Display had a 6-Gen OLED lighting fab that began production in 2017, but the company withdrew from the market in 2019.

We have seen many companies enter the OLED lighting market, only to withdraw later. The focus of companies in recent years have been mostly automotive lighting. This is also true for Yeolight, and last year the company (which was spun-off Visionox a few years ago) announced new OLED taillight prototypes. In 2020 Yeolight announced that its OLED panels were adopted by Hongqi in its H9 flagship sedan.

Posted: Aug 04,2023 by Ron Mertens