Yeolight shows new automotive OLED lighting prototypes

Yeolight showed several new OLED lighting taillights designs at the Automotive Lighting Exhibition in Shanghai. In the video below you can see the various prototypes.

Some of these displays seem very impressive, with a large amount of panels. The full-length taillights have 1,434 OLED panels in different shapes and sizes, and support multiple dynamic effects.

Some of these designs were developed by Yeolight's partners - such as Mind Optoelectronics and Anrui OLED.

Earlier this year Yeolight started to construct a 4.5-Gen OLED lighting production line, with a yearly capacity of around 7 million panels. The total investment in this new fab will reach around $300 million USD. In 2020 Yeolight announced that its OLED panels were adopted by Hongqi in its H9 flagship sedan.

Posted: Dec 03,2022 by Ron Mertens