The Hongqi H9 Sedan launches in China with OLED taillights made by Yeolight

China-based OLED lighting developer Yeolight Technology announced that its OLED panels were adopted by Hongqi in its latest H9 flagship sedan which is now being launched in the Chinese market. Hongqi is owned by FAW Car company and is actually the oldest Chinese passenger car brand.

The H9 uses 4 red OLED panels in each module. The panels are 131x32 mm in size and have 5 segments each. The color coordinate is CIY(0.69, 0.31).

Yeolight has been showing Automotive OLED taillight prototypes since 2017, but we believe this is the first commercial adoption.

More and more car makers are adopting OLED in premium cars, mostly due to the high uniformity and design freedom the OLEDs offer. To learn more about this market and its players, consult our OLED Automotive Market Report (updated July 2020).

Posted: Aug 25,2020 by Ron Mertens