Market research firm Omdia experts OLED for laptop shipments to grow rapidly - from 150,000 units in 2019 to 1.48 million units in 2021 and 2.57 million in 2022. The new Windows 11 which was just announced by Microsoft is expected to accelerate adoption of OLED panels in laptop devices.

Samsung Display's AMOLED displays for tablets and laptops photo

Omdia estimates that the entire global OLED market will grow to 258.4 million units in 2021 - a 51% increase over 2019. The pandemic has increased demand for IT devices.

If Omdia is correct at its estimates - there is much room for growth in the laptop market for OLED displays - even in 2022, OLED penetration will reach just around 1% of the total market.



Nintendo Switch OLED is a milestone

OLED market is growing. OLED version of Nintendo Switch is an important milestone in OLED adoption.

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