MicroOLED shipped over 150,000 WVGA OLED microdisplays

This is a bit old, but I just found out that in September 2015 France-based OLED microdisplays producer MicroOLED announced that it shipped over 150,000 units of its first product family, the 0.38" WVGA MDP01 full-color OLED microdisplay.

The MDP01 is used in digital cameras, video glasses, sport optics and security applications. MicroOLED says that they did not expect it, but the MDP01 is still the lowest power consumption OLED microdisplay with that resolution. The company is still improving the performance of that product family and new versions are being introduced to fit augmented-reality and other applications.

In August 2012, ST Microelectronics invested €6 million in MicroOLED, and the two companies launched a collaboration development effort. In December 2011 we published an interview with MicroOLED's CEO.

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Posted: Apr 30,2016 by Ron Mertens