STMicroelectronics invests in MicroOLED, to collaborate on OLED microdisplay development

STMicroelectronics announced it is going to collaborate with MicroOLED and help the company develop and produce OLED microdisplays. STM will also invest €6 million in MicroOLED.

According to the release, ST's IP portfolio and manufacturing technology will enable MicroOLED to broaden the range of their products and target more applications. ST will also help MicroOLED to integrate more functions into the microdisplay (functions that are currently handled by external controllers) - which will enable the final solution to be simpler and cheaper.

In January 2012, MicroOLED announced their first microdisplay, a 0.61" OLED microdisplay which features 5.4 million pixels, which comes in two versions: a color one and a monochrome one. Back in December 2011 we published an interview with MicroOLED's CEO.

Posted: Aug 31,2012 by Ron Mertens