Samsung files a patent for a camera with a transparent display

Transparent OLEDs are being developed for years now - and some small PMOLED ones are being produced in low volume. But besides a few novelty feature phones, we haven't yet seen a real application for those kinds of displays. Samsung and others have been teasing us with those concept transparent flexible OLED light tablets, but finding real world applications for transparent displays isn't that easy.

Samsung now filed a patent that describes a digital camera that uses a transparent display. The screen is located to the side of the camera which makes it rather wide. What it is good for? According to the patent filing, the idea is that by using a transparent display, the subject of the photo can look at the one taking the photo - and so they can have direct eye-contact.

I'm not sure if this actually makes sense, but at least it's good to know that Samsung is trying to understand what can be done when those transparent displays become available.

Posted: Mar 21,2014 by Ron Mertens