Article last updated on: Sep 04, 2018

OLED is the next-generation display technology that enables thin, efficient, flexible and bright displays, TVs and lighting devices.

The OLED market is already a multi-billion dollar market, and is expected to enjoy fast growth in the future as display makers in Korea, China and Japan all expand their OLED capacity production.

How to invest in the OLED market

There are many companies working on OLEDs, from display makers such as Samsung, LG,Sharp, BOE and Tianma to smaller startups and IP companies.

For public investors interested in the OLED market, there are several good options:

  • Universal Display Corporation: UDC is an OLED pioneer, and holds many of the key patents in the industry (mostly around efficient phosphorescent OLED emitters). Most OLED panels on the market (including all mobile AMOLED and TV displays) include UDC's materials and the company has experienced very fast growth in revenue in recent years. Universal Display lists in the NASDAQ (ticker: OLED).
  • eMagin: eMagin is a pioneer with OLED microdisplays, and has been developing and producing such displays for many years, focusing on the defense market and recently also on the consumer VR/AR market. eMagin trades in the NYSE stock exchange (ticker: EMAN).
  • OLED display makers: the leading OLED makers today are Samsung Display and LG Display, and both offer interesting investment opportunities. Other OLED display makers, including BOE, Tianma, Visionox and more are also possible investment targets.

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