Panasonic to stop plasma R&D, focus on OLEDs?

Update: according to Panasonic's 3-year plan unveiled on March 2013, the company will keep making Plasma TVs.

There are reports that Panasonic considers whether to stop plasma R&D by March 2013, and focus on OLED TVs and other display technologies instead. Panasonic will still produce plasma TVs (and industrial-use displays) for the "time being". The main reason for this move is the technological improvements in LCDs in past years.

Sony OLED TV prototypeSony OLED TV prototype

Back in September 2012 it was reported that Panasonic has taken steps to streamline its R&D and put more focus on OLED TV development, with plans to invest ¥30 billion ($385 million) in a pilot AMOLED production line in Himeji (this was already reported in April).

Panasonic is collaborating with Sony on OLED TV development, and according to Sony the two companies may offer OLED TV products after March 2014. It seems though that the two companies have quite different technologies - Panasonic with its PLED and printing processes and Sony with small-molecules and VTE. It is claimed that Sony will mostly supply capital for Panasonic, and not technology. Sony's own OLED technology will be used though by Japan Display to make small sized panels.

Posted: Dec 17,2012 by Ron Mertens