Icelandair first to install Panasonic's latest 4K OLED Astrova inflight entertainment monitors

Panasonic Avionics announced that it shipped its first batch of the latest Astrova 4K OLED inflight entertainment monitors. These monitors will be installed on Icelandair's forthcoming new fleet of leased Airbus A321neo LR aircraft (due in Q4 2024).

Icelandair will install 16" panels in its business class seats and 13" panels in economy. The new Astrova 4K OLED monitors offer HDR10+, high-fidelity multi-channel audio, USC-C 100W fast charging ports, and an external processing unit that can be placed in the seat box for easier installation.


Panasonic Avionics launched the Astrova OLED IFE systems back in 2022. It says it is the company's best-selling system with over 40 airline programs to date - including United Airlines and Qatar Airlines. Panasonic offers 13-, 16-, 19-, 22-, 27-, 32- and 42-inch display options.

Posted: Mar 18,2024 by Ron Mertens