Sony and Panasonic to offer OLED TVs by March 2014

According to Sony's home-entertainment product chief, Masashi Imamura, the OLED collaboration with Panasonic is "running smoothly". The two companies may offer OLED TV products after March 2014.

Sony OLED TV prototypeSony OLED TV prototype

Sony and Panasonic announced their OLED technology partnership in June 2012 - saying that the two companies will jointly develop printing based technologies for OLED TV mass production. According to the original plans, the technology will be "established during 2013", but obviously setting up a mass production facility will also take time.

Earlier this month it was reported that Panasonic has taken steps to streamline its R&D and put more focus on OLED TV development. The company plans to invest ¥30 billion ($385 million) in a pilot AMOLED production line in Himeji, using PLEDs and ink-jet printing technologies.

Posted: Sep 27,2012 by Ron Mertens