Kopin progresses with its OLED microdisplay projects with its new European foundry partner

Kopin Corporation announced that it has a achieved two important milestones in its OLED projects. First, Kopin is in the process of establishing an OLED deposition partner in a "strong NATO-member European country" through a transition effort that is scheduled to be production ready in 2024. Kopin did not disclose its new foundry partner, but it is likely to be France's MicroOLED.

Kopin Lightning 2K OLED microdisplay

The second achievement is that this same deposition partner has completed initial life testing and has achieved near-zero degradation in brightness performance after operating displays at brightness levels exceeding 20,000 nits for several thousand hours. In addition, the initial displays using Kopin proprietary backplane have been fabricated and are entering into performance validation testing.


In 2023 Kopin announced that it has executed new partner agreements to increase its OLED production capacity, but did not detail its new partners. It could be that in 2023 Kopin references the same partner as now.

Kopin recently spun-off its consumer OLED business unit to Lightning Silicon Technology, which also licensed Kopin's OLED technology. LST produces its displays at China-based Lakeside Optoelectronics.

Posted: Mar 13,2024 by Ron Mertens