Futaba shows its flexible and automotive OLEDs at SID 2016

Futaba has been producing flexible PMOLEDs since 2013, and the company demonstrated its flexible OLEDs at SID 2016. Those OLEDs are flexible, but not bendable by the user (which is why Futaba calls them film-type OLEDs).

Futaba's current range of flexible OLEDs include several panels. A 1.4" 128x16 white one (introduced in 2013, was adopted in Huawei's Talkband and Garmin's Vivosmart fitness trackers), and a larger 1.8" white 160x32 panel entered mass production in November 2015.

Futaba 1.4'' 128x16 color film PMOLED at SID 2016

Futaba is also developing several new panels, which should go into mass production soon. First is a full-color 1.4" 128x16 film OLED. This one should enter mass production soon, and it was first unveiled in 2015.

Futaba 0.7'' white film PMOLED at SID 2016

Futaba also showed two new monochrome (white) film OLEDs at the trade show. First up is a small 0.7" 128x80 one, that features a high luminance (700 nits). The second is a 1" 128x36 600 nits film OLED.

Futaba 1'' white film PMOLED at SID 2016

Posted: Jun 20,2016 by Ron Mertens