Futaba OLED roadmap unveiled, starts producing formable PMOLED panels

Update: Futaba asked me to remove the roadmap from OLED-Info...

Futaba is a small OLED producer, mainly making PMOLED panels (including transparent ones) and developing new OLED technologies. Back in October 2011 Futaba bought out TDK's part in their joint OLED company, which is now a subsidiary of Futaba. The company was kind enough to send us their OLED roadmap for the next few years (you can compare it to Futaba's previous roadmap released in 2012).

Futaba developed curved formable (flexible) PMOLEDs which they call film OLEDs. These are formable panels that can be placed on curved surfaces - but they cannot be flexed or bent by the device user. The company showed a 3.5" (256x64) full-color flexible PMOLED prototype at CEATEC 2012. Some of the panels displayed since were touch (capacitive) ones. One of the technology used in film OLEDs is the company's solvent-free liquid desiccant, the OLEDry-S.

According to the presentation they sent us, Futaba actually finished the development of the first film OLED, a small monochrome 1.4" 128x16 one for the consumer market, and you can now buy samples from the company (more technical details on this panel can be found in the presentation). The company will finish developing a monochrome 1.3" 128x128 film OLED by the end of 2013. The company also plans film OLEDs for the automotive industry.

Posted: Oct 27,2013 by Ron Mertens