Futaba shows a new flexible PMOLED prototype at CEATEC 2012

Futaba unveiled a new 3.5" (256x64) full-color flexible PMOLED prototype. The new prototype is thin (0.22 mm thick - thinner than Futaba's current 0.29 mm thin panels) and features 100 cd/m2 brightness.

This seems to be quite similar to the old flexible OLED panel shown at CEATEC 2010 by TDK Micro (now owned by Futaba), but it's quite a bit thinner (back in 2010 the panel was 3 mm thick). The old panel was made on a resin substrate and used a white emitter with color filters. We do not know the technology used in the new panel.

Futaba says that the new panel is "production ready" - but that doesn't say much. Back in 2010 they said they'll start mass production by the end of 2011. In the company roadmap released in January 2012 they had flexible PMOLEDs in 2014-2015. So we still have some time to wait before these kinds of panels reach the market from Futaba.

Posted: Oct 08,2012 by Ron Mertens