Futaba's OLED road map - AMOLEDs in 2014, transparent and flexible OLEDs in cars by 2015

Update: Futaba asked me to remove the roadmap from my site...

Back in October 2011 Futaba bought out TDK's part in their joint OLED company, which is now a subsidiary of Futaba. Today we got hold of Futaba's OLED roadmap for 2011-2015. For the consumer market, Futaba is currently offering small (around 2") PMOLED displays. They are also offering 2.4" transparent panels, but it seems to be made in small quantities.

Futaba is also planning to start using OLEDs in printer heads. They currently use VFD technology and will adopt OLEDs in 2012-2013. For the automotive market, Futaba currently offers 0.9", 2.0", 3.4" and 3.5" monochrome panels,The company is also interested in round shaped OLEDs.

Posted: Jan 19,2012 by Ron Mertens