DSCC estimates that 88 Million smartphone OLED displays were shipped in Q3 2017, which represents a 4% drop from Q2 2017 and a 13% drop from Q3 2016 - mostly due to delays in iPhone X shipments. Flexible OLED shipments were up 25% from Q2 2017 (30.4 million units).

Smartphone flexible OLED market shipments (2016-2017, DSCC)

Shipments are expected to grow significantly in Q4 2017, though, to reach 151 million units. Flexible OLEDs shipments (78.3 million) will grow 157% from last quarter and 544% from last year, and will surpass rigid OLED shipments (73.3 million) for the first time.

Smartphone rigid OLED market shipments (2016-2017, DSCC)

Looking at the entire 2017, DSCC sees a modest growth of 12% to 428 million units, doe to the Apple delay and the fact that Samsung is still the only meaningful supplier (Samsung is expected to have a market share of 98% in the smartphone AMOLED market). Samsung is followed by LG Display (3 million units in 2017) and then EverDisplay, TianMa and BOE.

Rigid vs flexible smartphone OLED market share (2016-2017, DSCC)

BOE recently announced that it started to produce flexible OLEDs, but DSCC estimates that real volumes will actually begin only in April 2018.

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