DSCC details the iPhone 12 screens and OLED suppliers

DSCC posted an interesting blog post, in which they detail what they believe to be Apple's iPhone 12 smartphone family specifications.

Apple iPhone 12 range - specs and OLED suppliers (DSCC May 2020)

So we start with the iPhone 12, which will use a 5.42" 2348x1048 (476 PPI) flexible AMOLED display, produced by Samsung Display. DSCC believes the iPhone 12 will use a Y-OCTA integrated touch. DSCC believes that while BOE did not manage to get its panel to the iPhone 12, it may become a supplier in 2021 to the iPhone 12s - if all goes well with the iPhone 12 Max (see below).

The second iPhone will be the iPhone 12 Max, which will have a 6.01" 2540x1174 (460 PPI) flexible AMOLED produced by both BOE and LG Display. DSCC expects LGD to supply most of these displays, while BOE will only ship 5-10 million units in 2020.

The third phone is the iPhone 12 Pro, which will use a 6.1" 2540x1174 (460 PPI) 120Hz flexible AMOLED produced by Samsung Dsiplay. This display will have a higher specifications OLED - 10-bits of colors achieved with true 8-bits plus dithering, 1600-nits of brightness and XDR support. This display again will not use Y-OCTA on-touch.

Finally, Apple's 2020 flagship phone, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will sport, again, a Samsung Display AMOLED - 6.67" 2785x1293 (459 PPI) 120Hz panel, with an Y-OCTA on-cell touch panel. This phone again will support XDR.

While DSCC has an excellent track record, these are still just rumored specs. In any case it seems as if in 2020 Apple will finally complete its transition to OLED displays, unless it will also release a new budget LCD phone.

Posted: May 21,2020 by Ron Mertens