DisplaySearch: only 20,000 OLED TVs will be sold in 2012

DisplaySearch revised their numbers, and they now predict that only 20,000 OLED TVs will be sold in 2012 (down from 50,000). They simply say that Samsung and LG together will not be able to produce more panels in 2012. July has come, and the two companies hasn't yet managed to start producing those panels.

A couple of weeks ago, we heard reports that Samsung set a target of producing 200,000 55" OLED TV panels in 2012, while LG plans to make 50,000 panels. In January LG Display still hoped to make 200,000 panels in 2012, but this is probably not going to happen.

Samsung's TV (the ES9500) uses direct-emission (or Side-By-Side) OLEDs and an LTPS backplane, while LGD's panel (the 55EM9600) uses an WRBG (or WOLED-CF) frontplane and an Oxide-TFT backplane. Both TVs will probably be released at about the same time, and will cost in the range of $8,000 to $10,000 according to estimates.

Posted: Jul 01,2012 by Ron Mertens