Digitimes: AUO to build a 6-Gen OLED ink-jet printing line

Digitimes reports that AU Optronics has setup a 3.5-Gen test ink-jet OLED printing line, and the company now intends to start building a 6-Gen production line. AUO will start constructing the line before the end of 2019.

AUO's Chairman confirmed that the latest advances in printing materials and equipment are starting to make OLED printing viable for commercial use. AUO has not yet decided the schedule for volume production.

AUO's present inkjet printing OLED line is still at its product development stage, and the schedule for volume production has not yet been decided, Peng said.

In October 2018 we reported that AUO is utilizing JOLED's production equipment, and is aiming to produce OLED monitor displays and OLEDs for automotive applications (which makes sense for a 6-Gen line which will not be large enough to produce OLED TVs economically).

AUO is currently producing AMOLEDs at its relatively low volume AFPD Gen-4.5 LTPS fab in Singapore - with a focus on wearables and VR applications. AUO previously considered to establish a 6-Gen flexible OLED line in Kunshan, China, but it scrapped these plans as the company (correctly!) anticipated an over supply market situation in 2018. In any case, AUO decided to focus on ink-jet printing and not an evaporation-based process as it hopes printing will allow it to produce OLEDs at lower costs, but this technology is not (yet) suited for high density production required for smartphone or wearable devices.

Posted: May 02,2019 by Ron Mertens