AUO is cautious about OLED investment, sees a possibility of over capacity by 2018

Taiwan's AU Optronics is producing AMOLEDs in its small line in Singapore, focusing on wearable displays. AUO's Chairman and CEO, Paul Peng, says that the company will take a "cautious attitude" towards OLED investments as it wants to make sure that these investment will be profitable. AUO sees a large increase in OLED capacity in 2018 (mainly from China-based players) - but its not clear if there will be enough OLED demand.

Reports say that AUO is also thinking about producing OLEDs in its upcoming LTPS line in Kunshan, China - but it seems that the company is still debating whether this is a wise move. The company is still developing OLED technologies of course - mainly OLEDs for VR and flexible OLEDs.

AUO is currently producing 4.3", 5" and 5.5" AMOLED displays for mobile phones and also 1.4" round AMOLEDs for the wearable market. Please contact us if you need help with finding a supplier for AUO's AMOLED displays.

Posted: Jun 17,2016 by Ron Mertens