Rumors surface on a Galaxy SIII with a Super AMOLED HD and an OLED iPhone

Samsung's Galaxy S II is just starting to appear in the US, and it's already time to start speculating on its successor - the S III. According to an anonymous user in a message board, the S III will have 2 Ghz quad-core processor, the latest Ice Cream Sandwich OS, a 10mp camera, NFC and 1080p 60 fps video. But we're mostly interested in the display - a 4.65" Super AMOLED HD display offering a strange 1280x1024 resolution (352 ppi?).

These specs seems very optimistic, especially the display. The first Super AMOLED HD device, the Galaxy Note phone has a 1280x800 resolution on a 5.3" display (using PenTile technology). This means that Samsung will need to improve the ppi quite a bit. And the 1280x1024 resolution doesn't really make sense, does it?

The second interesting rumors that we're starting to hear is about the iPhone 5. According to some rumors floating around the web it will have a larger display (Apple will remove the home button), an A5 dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, improved 8mp camera - and a 4" OLED display. In fact, one of our trusted source tipped us a couple of days ago that indeed Apple decided to purchase OLEDs from Samsung for their next iPhone (the same source also claims that Motorola have also decided to use OLEDs). I won't believe it until I see it officially - but at least it's the first time that Samsung may have the capacity to support an Apple product. So will we finally have an OLED Apple product?

So I don't think there's any truth to these rumors, but you never know, and I don't want OLED-Info to be the only site that does not report on them...

Posted: Sep 21,2011 by Ron Mertens


1280x1024 is SXGA resolution so nothing strange there. The only thing I would consider strange about it is that this would give the display a native 5:4 aspect ratio. However if Samsung targets gamers and wants to dabble into 3D graphics this might make perfect sense, because for these applications 5:4 ratios are pretty common.


Quoting highly suspect rumours posted by an anonymous person on a message board hardly qualifies as news!!!  Let's maintain a higher standard.  Posting garbage like this is a sure way to loose your followers!

I gotta agree that especially the part about Apple purchasing OLEDs from Samsung seems more than a bit suspect. Those two are on each others throats because of the Galaxy SII and the Galaxy Pad and just yesterday there were news that Samsung tries to block the sale of the next iPhone in Korea. So I don't know which is less likely: Apple buying OLED panels from Samsung or Samsung agreeing to sell them to Apple....

I agree - these are highly suspect rumours... but on the other hand it was posted in almost all technology blogs... so I think it's fair to readers here to get it as well, even though I think it's unlikely...

Perhaps you could reshape the reporting of these unfounded rumors.  A headline of "Unfounded highly unlikely rumors of ... pervade lesser tech blogs on the web".  This would convey the point and provide value to your viewers.


Just a thought.


Best of luck

This is just some fanboys wet dream.

I'll try and make the headlines better next time. In this case though, like I say in the post, I also heard this rumor from someone who's in the know, so I give it a bit more credit than the usual Apple rumors. Then again, it's still highly unlikely that that iPhnoe 5 will have an OLED (not to mention the SIII info, which I highly doubt).

Since this (in theory) should be for a mobile phone called the Galaxy SIII, It would make more sense to have a 16:9 aspect.

If the future phone models want to go even larger, we might see 2.35 aspect again, otherwise they will be more like the "Galaxy Note"; not quite a phone and not quite a tablet.

Hi i love your site but im no expert in oled technology i would like to ask you if is reasonble to expect that in a year when the galaxy s3 is released samsung will have tecnology to create an 4.5 inch oled with 1280x780 resolution?Thank you

1280X720 (sorry) or even a resolution like in the galaxy note 1280x800


It might be possible, I'm not sure what kind of technology will Samsung use in a year ;-)

Im askink that because if they use (LITI) as i learned on this site they can archieve resolutions over 300 dpi and if thats the case this rumor dosen t sound so far fetched..

Yes, LITI combined with PenTile will allow them to reach these kinds of resolution...

Sure 16:9 is more standard and in some ways might make more sense. But my point was only that by itself a resolution of 1280x1024 and an aspect ratio of 5:4 is not completely uncommon for a display.

In the end it all depends on where Samsung wants to position the device....

if its pentile its a fake resolution number and i would never buy a pentile display

it seems very likely to me they they will have real 1280x720 or 1280x800 within a year on 4.5inch and smaller displays. 1920x1080 or higher in 2-3 years probably.

I hope soo too, next year it will be common to find hd screens 720p lcds we heard already of the lg phone that will be released in korea with an 4.5inch lcd next month i dont believe samsung will release is top smartphone in a year with less than that resolution with amoled screen and if they can archive that kind of resolution on 4,5 inch imagine what the next galaxy tab 10.1 next year could look like...

Unfortunately they get away with marketting these pentile display resolutions as equal with real full color resolution displays so they may keep doing this for a while. I am also expecting a 1920x1200 10.1 tablet but am affraid they may use pentile for that resolution first and they may well do the same for the first 1280 phone displays as they already did for the Note.

I am looking forward to 4096x2560 10.1 inch tablets, they would work great with a 384dpi setting giving the equivalent of 1024x640 desktop space which would be perfect for the standard site width. It may take another 4+ years to get that resolution though unfortunately. A long way to go yet ...

Maybe they won t need to use pen tile to archieve 1920x1080 resolutons on 10.1 screen just look at the galaxy tab 7.7 inches only with 1280x800 resolution wihout pentile that will be released before the next year..

Well i am pretty sure they are already capable of producing real 1920x1200 10.1 oled's since its only very slightly higher density than the galaxy s2 which is full color as well and if its just out of range they could make a 10.5 :)

So its really a question if they care to make the best they can or figure pentile is enough for the next one. Somehow i already assumed they would take the second option.

I am actually waiting for a 1920x1200 oled tablet myself, its the lowest resolution i am willing to settle for, If they chose to make a pentile i simply wont buy one. I already assumed i would have to wait for two more generations but they may surprise me :)

I think the galaxy tab 7.7 with is highly advertised super amoled PLUS and after when they announced the galaxy s2 they highly advertised also about the importance of the amoled Plus without pentile, its going to be hard for them in a year to justify the launch of pentile screens in their top products but then i think of galaxy note... well i guess that in February will have a defenitive answer

Yes there is no way to tell really. Im really looking forward to see that full hd oled tablet soon, that would be quite a leap from the absurdly priced sony 11inch tv if they get those in mass production.

And As we speak according to site engadget samsung announces a version of galaxys 2 with 4.65 inch with 1289x720 display! 316ppi to be released soon on korean market now more than ever dosen t seem to me a big leap of faith to expect next year devices from samsung to have this resolutions in similiar sizes without pentile...
1280x720 sorry my typo..

Yes i think it is very likely you will get what you want for the galaxy s3.

It is mainly the tab 10.1 i am not sure about.