Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung's Galaxy Note is a large Android v2.3 phone (or mini-tablet?) with a 5.3" Super AMOLED display with an HD resolution: 1280x800. Samsung simply calls this Super-AMOLED because it uses PenTile technology (it appears they are not using the Super AMOLED HD brand, they simply calls this an HD Super AMOLED display). Other specs include a dual-core 1.4Ghz processor, 8mp camera, touch display with pen input (it has a stylus). The phone is 9.65mm thick and weights 178 grams.

The Note is now available for AT&T with LTE for $249.99, and you can get it unlocked for $680.  The Note is also shipping in the UK - £592 without a contract and in Korea.

OLED type:  

5.3" 1280x800 Super AMOLED

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Posted:   Sep 01,2011 by Ron Mertens